At Monsoon Cycles, we are dedicated to building the highest quality, smoothest riding bicycles possible.  We use bamboo as a frame material for its exceptional strength and durability, smooth ride, light weight and beauty.  Our goal is to build our customers the most unique, enjoyable bike they will ever own.


Every aspect of our build process is unique to our customer’s needs, all the way from the ground up (literally).  We hand select our bamboo from local nurseries, and each frame is designed uniquely for its rider.  Our joints are wrapped with hemp fiber and a plant-based epoxy, which provide great lateral stiffness and a nice look.  Using bamboo, along with our one-at-a-time, custom build process, allows us to build bikes to meet any need.   Our bikes are perfect for short distances or long, road or trail, work or fun.


Monsoon Cycles was founded in Seattle in 2011, and every frame is still made by hand at our workshop in Seattle.  We involve ourselves in every aspect of the design and building of our bikes, and work directly with our customers to ensure we meet their every need.


If you have any questions about our bikes, the bamboo bike revolution or anything else we would love to talk to you.